About me and Migraines

I’m one of the 21 million + people who suffer from migraine headaches.  They started in my teens and stuck with me until this very day.  Mine are bilateral and typically weather related, however, the neurologists that I’ve seen over the years have poo-poo’d this theory.  The problem is, they fail to come up with another theory to solve the horrific pain I have suffered with over the years and countless trips to the ER for relief.  Too many sick days off from work, countless days spent in a darkened room with an ice pack strapped to my head and numerous times when I’ve missed out on life.

Trips to the ER:  Don’t get me started on that!  Some nurses practically rush you in, most put you on a non-priority list, (in other words, you and the guy with the stubbed toe will most likely be looked after at the same time).  I’ve waited 3 hours and other times 14 hours.  My relief at the ER is an IV drip consisting of pain meds, but it ultimately works after laying there with the hustle and bustle and bright lights of an ER room.  It is worth it, though; 3-8 sometimes 10 days of nonstop excruciating pain finally comes to relief.

I have good news.  I now take Topamax as a preventative med with some success, and now just trying Candesartan.   Wow, what a difference!   I was using Imitrex, used at an onset of a migraine and within 20-30 minutes the migraine pain was usually gone, but it came in a nasal spray, and the taste at the back of my throat was horrible.  It does come in self-injecting needle and tabs.  Also lately has been the medication Relpax.  It is in pill form.

Note:  Both Imitrex and Relpax are prescription only and expensive