About Me


I reside in Ontario, Canada, married over 35 years, never had children but do have one ‘spoiled’ dog named “Emma”.

Dealing with intense psychotherapy in the early ’90s (PTSD) ultimately led to major depression causing hospitalizations and a period of 9 years to recover.

Writing has always been my passion and keeping journals during those dark days of depression and recovery led to writing articles.  I started my first blog in 2007 called “Living in Stigma” where I wanted to share my mental illness experiences and the stigma I felt.


I wanted to dedicate a new blog with the biggest ‘pain’ in my life being that of Chronic Migraines.  I’ve had them since I was about 15 years old, and I believe they are genetic due to my grandmother and father also experiencing headaches.  It’s unknown if they suffered with migraines. 

What exactly will you find while you scroll through these posts?  Good question:

I post articles in a “what comes to mind that day” or if I’ve discovered an editorial which relates to migraines that peak my interest. A variety of beautiful poetry or quotes for inspiration, images and reblogging from other blogger’s incredible posts or articles written by myself.

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With my “Living in Stigma” blog, opportunities have come my way in the form of a series of articles on mental health on the website “Mind Your Mind”.

In 2011, I was interviewed via podcast on “Safe Space Radio” from Portland, US on the topic of “Mental Illness Stigma“.

Invited as a “guest” to write various posts that relate to mental health on other sites.

  • Join me at another site: “Deb-Living in Stigma” where I include some posts from my main ‘Stigma’ blog, as well as, a hodge-podge of other topics.
  • You can take a peek at some of my replies to questions asked on Quora.com.

I’ve also ventured into the world of writing children’s books and poems, and thoroughly enjoy this unique form of writing.



Twitter @livinginstigma