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Can I get Migraines from my Cell Phone?

Are you constantly on your smartphone during the day? What about the Internet, PC or tablet during the day then perhaps keeping you from going to bed at a decent hour at night? This may be triggering your migraines.

Where’s the link between cell phones and migraines?

Close to 5,000 young adults (around 20 years old) participated in a study, completing surveys asking about screen time exposure (glow) on devices such as PCs, TV, cell phones, or tablets if they noticed headaches (either migraine or non-migraine) occurring.

Results revealed when screen time increased, so did the odds of experiencing a migraine (without aura). Results showed no connection with non-migraine headaches.

Why is screen time linked to increased migraines?

It’s tough to pinpoint the exact biological link, as it differs for each person.

For some, it could be the blue light from a television or phone screen or the brightness or the shining glow of the light which could be a trigger for a migraine. Even more complex, linking screen time may reduce an overall migraine threshold, therefore, exposure to other migraine triggers could trigger an attack. It’s the vulnerability if you are susceptible to migraines.

Extreme screen time exposure produces a likelihood for more migraines to occur, or even the likes of viewing too much TV, or skipping meals may also be a trigger. Other examples are: playing a video game well into the late evening which eventually creates uneven sleep patterns, fasting, incorrect posture, eye strain, stress, or eating foods that trigger migraines.

Stay off your phone

Decreasing screen time may lessen migraine attacks, so it’s advantageous to cut back, yet will not be easy at first. Think of your head with reduced pain, and consider these strategies:

– Enjoy your mealtimes with family or friends without your cell phone nearby, it will be more relaxing (think of life before cell phones)

– Turn off your phone at night

– Try a new hobby that would remove you from the world of technology and find your hidden talent or enjoy quietness

If you feel your migraines are not related to screen time glow, perhaps seek out an optometrist for an eye exam, try back and neck stretches, yoga or contact your family doctor if they are a major concern.

Decreasing screen time will have you living much healthier, as it’s also linked to obesity, vision problems, decreased physical activity, attention difficulties or hyperactivity.

Written by Deb McCarthy 2017

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One thought on “Can I get Migraines from my Cell Phone?

  1. I developed facial twitches from having my eyes too close to my tablet’s screen. I read about it online and started wearing my reading glasses and keeping the screen back. It took about 3 weeks for the twitching to go away.


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