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Indescribable: Fibromyalgia ~ Chronic Pain

This describes many chronic illnesses, too many to list.  We’re used to appearing “well” on the outside, yet on the inside, it’s indescribable hell. Please don’t judge us.


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8 thoughts on “Indescribable: Fibromyalgia ~ Chronic Pain

  1. My mom suffered w fibro most of her life. I saw how irritating it was to her when people would downplay her pain because she was so functional. As she got sicker i would find myself making excuses for her when people would say “she seems fine”.. when I knew she wasnt but couldnt (and didnt feel like i needed to) explain what was really wrong.


    1. Sorry about your mom. A woman at work suffered terribly with fibro and went to a slew of drs’ trying to explain how much pain she was in, and she felt they just didn’t take much notice. She got turned down for disability because (years ago) fibro wasn’t considered chronic. Wonder if any of the people who were adjudicating her disability app. ever suffered from chronic pain? Doubtful. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


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