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Blister Packs for Medications ~ Not just for Seniors

My doctor recommended this method of taking medication and it’s been pure bliss! Here I assumed it was a courtesy for seniors only.

As far as medication goes, remembering to take the required doses morning, noon or bedtime was causing chaos. I would neglect to take this med or that med, refilling prescriptions on time, and every medication had its own pill bottle. Stuffing that 14 or 7-day plastic organizer every week was a pain in the neck.

My pharmacy fills the organizer bi-weekly without a fee, (some pharmacies charge) and either my doctor calls a prescription in or the pharmacist calls my doctor for refills (preventing trips to the doctor). I pick them up, all organized, sealed and distinctly marked. How much simpler is that?

I still have to remember to take them!

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2 thoughts on “Blister Packs for Medications ~ Not just for Seniors

  1. I agree, I thought Blister Packs were just for seniors or people in palliative care, but they have been very helpful for me in maintaining adherence to my meds. They can possibly be a helpful tool in self-care for anyone. Stay well, Harlon


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