9 thoughts on “Typical Judgement

    1. Thanks so much for your soothing words, as well as, the validation. I never received any validation until I saw an experienced trauma (PTSD) therapist in my late ’50s. Imagine having to wait that long for someone to show empathy also. 🙂 Hugs

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      1. I’m so glad
        You saw a good therapist! I have tried but idk some seem just not a good fit and abusive mothers I feel are only just coming to light you know? And there’s a reason you have survived and are still living and breathing! You’re not done yet! Love and light friend😘

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      2. You have to find/need an Experienced Trauma Therapist to deal with PTSD (childhood emotional or sexual abuse). The first therapist I had was an idiot and was way over her head on how to treat my case. I had some deep-rooted abuse issues and with her inexperience, it sent me to the hospital repeatedly and into a state of major depression. Sometimes ego gets in the way and they think they can handle a tough subject such as this, but if they haven’t handled it before or never experienced it themselves then they don’t want to surrender. Hugs my friend. 🙂

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  1. WELL SAID. Ignore these uncaring ridiculous people, I have had it as well – “pull yourself together” with my mother it was always like a competition with her “your pain is not as bad as mine”. We know what we feel and thats all that matters. Do what you have to do. Take care, Anna.

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    1. I lived as unloved daughter of a narcissistic mother who didn’t know how to show empathy. When I would tell her of my headache pain, she would just simply roll her eyes or say something like “it can’t be that bad, you’re always complaining”. Oh how I wish there was at least validation of some kind there. Thanks for you sweet words. 🙂

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